ETA Centric 24V Pump System

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The Centric 24V pump is a multistage centrifugal submersible which is both efficient and versatile for year-round water pumping. It is capable of more than 60 ft. of vertical lift and 12 GPM delivery, has overload protection, and is fully serviceable. Equipped with a check valve that can be removed, the Centric is suitable for winter watering, where draining of the water line is important to prevent freezing. These pumps can easily be adapted to either well or dugout applications for winter use or equipped with an optional water surface float for summer use. The Centric pump can also be run Solar  Direct (without batteries) for maximum water pumping volume output. When pumping solar direct, it’s recommended that a holding tank be used for reserve water storage. System Sizing, use the chart below, starting first with your lift to determine the size and cost of your system: Warranty – 2 Years


Included with system

  • Pump, complete with 70ft of wire and safety cable
  • PS2-150 controller
  • 2 x Solar panel, wired in series (24v)
  • ETA charge controller
  • Float switch (30ft) relay operated
  • Battery box
  • Wiring package (plug and play)
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