Aquatherm 200 gal. Trough

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These highly insulated field-proven troughs provide dependable water access in extremely cold conditions without an external heat source. Tapered drink tubes (wider as they extend down towards the bottom of the trough) allow for movement of the ice layer and prevent solid freeze up. Water can be supplied by two means; a) overhead via a centrifugal pump, typically from a well with the pipe draining back to the source (or) b) underneath via a pressurized line buried below the frost line. Insulated troughs are ideal for summer use also, as they moderate water temperatures and reduce sunlight access to the trough resulting in reduced algae growth.

We have a recommended minimum amount of cattle for our 200-gallon trough – 40 animals, which will ensure the water turns over once a day. We don’t have a maximum. There are two variables, one is the water source, can it keep up to a larger herd? And secondly, how polite and patient are your animals? It’s anecdotal, we get that, there are 5 drink holes, and, with the proper water source, you could easily fill the trough 5 times a day and water 200 animals, but, will your animals get in line and drink? Only you know that answer.

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