Get The Maximum Value From An Electric Fence At Minimum Cost.

Use electric fencing to protect your livestock, poultry, beehives, and garden. Portable electric fencing is key to successful rotational grazing, while permanent electric fencing effectively protects gardens and orchards and secures large pastures. Through clear instructions Range Ward is the gold standard and meet all of your electric fencing needs. This crucial tool is cost effective and versatile with a wide range of customizing options for solar power electric fencing.

The Power Grazer

  • 140-Watt retractable solar panel
  • Speedrite SP6000i 6 Joule Energizer.
  • 12-volt 100 Amp/Hour Deep Cycle Battery
  • Post Storage Rack, c/w 100 Step-In Pigtail Posts
  • 12 Volt Electric Reel w/ Manual Handle Override
  • 1 mile reel of Power Braid Reflective Rope
  • Integrated 3-Point Hitch capability
  • Heavy Duty Torsion axles
  • Many other features

The Bison Razer Grazer

  • 50-Watt Foldable Solar Panel
  • Patriot P30, 3 Joule Energizer.
  • 12-volt 100 Amp/Hour
  • Deep Cycle Battery
  • Post Storage Rack c/w
  • 80 50″ Tall Hi-Top Step-In Posts
  • 12 Volt Electric Reel w/
  • Manual Handle Override
  • 3x ½ mile Reel Of Power
  • Braid Reflective Rope
  • Integrated Power Arm
  • with every Razer Grazer

The Power Arm

Designed to simplify putting out and retracting cross fences – electrically! Use with your quad, side by side or pick up and have a great cross fencing tool. No more hand reels and tired arms!

Use in conjunction with your high tensile electric perimeter to cross fence or strip graze the field, or package the Power Arm with a Range Ward Power Hammer and a Gallagher S-series energizer for the fields fenced with Barbed wire.

How To Order A Solar Electric Fence


Select Electric Fence

Deciding what type of electric fence you need and the area you need to cover can be confusing for the first time purchasing. You can call us at anytime and we will be happy to help and advise, with over 25 years of experience you’ll be glad to know that we will have a solution for you.


Order Your Solar Powered Electric Fence Online

Once you have determined what fence with suit your needs you can order your electric fence equipment on our website or you can speak with us directly to arrange alternate payments methods if you prefer.


Receive Your Electric Fence Supplies

After you have ordered the electric fence you need we will take care of all the heavy lifting from here! We will coordinate a fast and safe delivery and walk you through the set up of your fence step by step. You will recieve an additional layer of support and advice by ordering exclusively from us.

Range Ward Provides Freedom of Movement For Your Livestock While Staying Safe From Predators.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time reading the news these days before you notice an uptick in encounters between humans and other animal predators. Over the past century, the range and populations of animals like coyotes, raccoons, and bears have expanded throughout much of Canada. As a result many animals are now very comfortable living close to humans- even in urban areas.

range ward electric fences bear

Have you been thinking about raising chickens or keeping bees? It isn’t just a problem for farmers and ranchers, but also those in the suburbs. Range Ward has the latest solar power technology to protect your investment while working alongside Okanagan Fence Supplies to become one of Canada’s top reviewed suppliers for electric fencing supplies.

range ward electric fences bees

Even if you haven’t encountered any animals yet and they are in your neighborhood, it is important to be preventative in the meantime. With all of the difficulties currently facing beekeepers, preventive measures is among the easiest tasks we have so if your thinking maybe you should think about shopping for an electric fence now is the best time.

Wiring recommendations for type and height are based on whether a particular animal generally prefers going under or over fences; wiring spacing is determined by how fast an animal can jump from ground level to that wire-above or below it-based on what kind of predator you may encounter. At Okanagan Fence supplies we guarantee that our electric fences are safe and effective and they stop predators right in their tracks! So pick up the phone and call us today for FREE consultation.

Canada’s Number One Source For Electric Fence Supplies

Since 1985 we’ve been providing excellent service and unique solutions tailored to customers needs.

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Here Are Just A Few Things That We Specialize In

  • Electric Fences
  • Electric Fence Wire
  • Electric Fence Posts
  • Electric Fence Insulators
  • Electric Fence Testers
  • Electric Fence Engergizers
  • Electric Fence Chargers
  • Portable Electric Fences
  • Electric Fence Kits
  • 10 Mile Electric Fence Chargers
  • Solar Panel Electric Fence Engergizers
  • Solar Electric Fence Battery
  • Solar Electric Fence For Bears
  • Solar Electric Fence For Bees
  • Livestock Solar Powered Electric Fences
  • Electric Fence For Horses
  • Electric Chicken Fences
  • Electric Fence For Cattle
  • Electric Fence For Goats
  • Solar Powered Electric Fences
  • Electric Fence For Gardens
  • Electric Fence For Pigs
  • Electric Fence For Sheep
  • Best Electric Fence For Bulls
  • Electric Fence For Possums
  • Electric Deer Fence
What rope / poly wire do you package with your machines?
How important is keeping your solar panel clean?
How do I begin my cross fence?

From start to finish, explain setting up a fence line with a Razer Grazer

What is the most common cause of power fence failures?

80% of all power fence problems can be traced to inadequate grounding. Your grounding system must be perfect for your fence to perform at its best. After all, it’s half the system.

Recommended Grounding

In general, you will need one 6-foot galvanized ground rod for every three joules of energizer.

Power Grazer and Razer Grazer Trailers come equipped with a 24” hammer in/hammer out portable ground rod. Since most portable fence is less than 2 miles, this is normally adequate.

If you are in dry, or rocky soil conditions additional ground rods are required. Additional Power Hammer Ground Rods are $79.00 each. Permanent ground rods and hardware are $28.99 each.

How do I know if I have a good ground system?

Here’s how you can check.

  • Disconnect power from your fence energizer.
  • Place the fence under heavy load by “shorting” the fence as follows:
  • At a location on the fence at least 100 yards from the energizer
  • lean 3 or 4 steel stakes or unpainted T-posts against the “hot” wire of the fence. (Alternatively, some people have found a successful method is to push several pieces of fence wire into the earth and wrap the opposite ends around the hot wire)
  • Plug the fence energizer in and check the fence line voltage with a digital voltmeter. You want to see that the voltage has dropped below 2,000V due to shorting the fence. On some high-powered fence energizers, you may not be able to short the fence below 2,000V. However, you can still test them at a higher voltage.
  • Continue to short the fence by leaning steel posts or by making wire connections to ground at 100 yards distance or more from energizer until the fence line voltage drops below 2,000V.
  • You are now ready to test the energizer ground system. Connect one lead of the digital voltmeter to a 12-inch metal stake driven into the ground 3 feet away from the last fence energizer ground rod. Connect the second lead to the ground rod furthest from the energizer. The voltage reading should ideally be zero or no more than 200V.

Gallagher fence volt/current and fault finder fits in your shirt pocket.

Save time tracking down fence and ground faults $205.99 each.

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If the digital voltmeter reading is under 200V, your ground system is adequate, and you will get near maximum performance from your electric fence energizer.

If the reading is above 200V, then your ground system needs improvement.

How do I carry the hot and ground wires past all the gates in my fence?

The best way is to bury heavy-duty insulated cable in a trench about 10 inches deep. Make sure it’s rated to 20,000 volts minimum, or it may leak current with today’s high-power energizers. Do not staple it to the post. Remember to carry the ground wire across the gateway also, using the same type of cable. It can be buried in the same trench as the hot cable.

Bungy electric gates are easy to erect, easy to use, and provide that extra “give” when animals crowd the corner or gate.

Bungy electric gates should not be used to provide power for additional fence on the other side of the gate.

Always use heavy duty insulated cable either overhead or underground to power additional fence.

Bungy kit price for 18 to 35 ft gate is $49.95


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