Razer Grazer™

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  • 50-watt foldable solar panel retractable
  • Patriot p30, 3 joule energizer
  • 12-volt 100 amp/hour deep cycle battery
  • Post storage rack c/w 80 step-in pigtail posts
  • 12 volt electric reel w/ manual handle override
  • ½ mile reel of power braid reflective rope
  • Integrated power arm with every razer grazer
  • Removable hitch

Nerve Center

Patriot P30 3 joule energizer, 12-volt deep cycle battery, solar charger, Power Arm wiring harness RangeWard RazerGrazer Nerve Center

80 Step-in Post storage, retractable solar panel, and Power Hammer Storage

 RangeWard RazerGrazer retractable solar panel

Power Arm with EVERY Razer Grazer!

 RangeWard RazerGrazer Power Arm

Removable Hitch

RangeWard RazerGrazer Removable Hitch

There are three ways to transport your Power Grazer, you can do it by tractor (3 point hitch, hitch on the trailer, or by a secondary trailer)

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