Motion-Controlled Winter Watering 24v 2-160 Solar Panels AC-24″ Bowl High lift

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The Motion-Controlled Winter Watering System is the ultimate winter system because it is 100% freeze-proof when installed and maintained properly. It does not require an artificial heat source regardless of how few animals may be using the system. The heavy-duty plastic bowl mounted on top of a vertical well casing, is filled by means of a submersible pump which operates only when animals are present. When the last animal leaves, the bowl drains dry thus preventing freeze-up. The water in the casing is maintained below the frost line and is supplied either by gravity feed from a dugout/reservoir or by a pressurized line. This system will water up to 250 cow-calf pairs.


What Is Included

  • 1 Bowl – HD plastic – 24″
  • 1 Standard AC pump & 30 ft of wire
  • 1 AC motion sensor assembly
  • 1 drainback filter assembly
  • 16′ Poly hose – 1 in. poly
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