Electrostop 10/42/12 Double Spike Predator Electronet Fence

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A portable electric fence designed to contain and control the movement of meat and dairy goats, flighty breeds of sheep or to enclose rams and buck goats. Often used in managed grazing systems or to protect beehives from livestock and bears. Beekeepers have also found a great benefit in using an electric fence to protect their hives from raccoons and other groundhogs. Easy setup and takedown make this device a good choice for any person who may not have the time, inclination, or mechanical ability to build a more substantial electric fence. All components are lightweight and compact so it can be moved easily from location to location. A simple setup is in most cases done in virtually no time at all. Extra-long nylon encased conductors give you 30′ of protection while only weighing about 12 pounds.

Designed For Today’s Beekeepers


It’s no surprise that 10/42/12 is considered the gold standard when deciding to protect your property. The setup features 10 horizontal strands (9 conductive), is 42″ tall installed and has white plastic vertical struts every 12″. For more support in uneven terrain, “Plus” nets include additional line posts spaced every 6’8″ (vs. 12.5′ for standard 42″ ElectroStop®). The result, when properly energized, is a nearly impenetrable mesh to sheep, goats, coyotes and dogs

Electrostop Double Spike Predator Fences Are The Vanguard Of Predator Protection


The 10/42/12 is made of durable high-strength plastic with a durable nylon shell on the interior. The conductors are encased in a lightweight wind knot nylon then wrapped in aluminum tape for extra protection. All of our predator control fences are easily assembled with just one set of hand tools and no special skills required. Since there are no motors or moving parts, the Electrostop Predator Fences require very little maintenance for years of reliable service.

These fences are commonly used to keep sheep, goats, guard dogs in while keeping out stray dogs and coyotes. Also used to keep bears away from beehives. Suitable for cattle.

Electrostop 10/42/12 Features:


ElectroStop® Plus 10/42/12

Height 42” installed
Horizontal Strands 10 (9 conductive)
Vertical Strands Plastic struts, spaced every 12”
Roll Length 50’ or 100’
Color White/Black
Premium Superconductor Yes
Electrical Resistance 38 Ω/1000’
Line Post Options Double Spike (DS)
Line Post Material White PVC, 0.60” diameter
Spike Length/Diameter 6”/0.26”
Distance Between Posts 6’8”
Horizontal Spacings 4”, 4”, 4”, 4”, 4”, 4”, 6”, 6”, 6”
(from bottom to top)


● 42” high, has 10 horizontal twines with large white plastic vertical struts every 12”
● White PVC posts are built into the mesh every 12.5 ft – double spike
● Effective fencing to keep in sheep, goats & cattle, to keep out bears, coyotes, and other predators
● Its low electrical resistance (only 38 /1000 ft) is an important benefit for longer fences and/or fences with high weed contact
● Bottom strand is neutral. Can be hooked up as an all-hot fence during moist times of the year
● No extra line posts are necessary with these nets unless the soil is soft or the fence will stay in place over 6 weeks
● Extra support posts are useful at corners, curves and ends


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